Happiness for some, death for others.

A short review of The One, by John Marrs

A discovery of epic proportions. The idea that you could be matched with your perfect partner. The person you were destine to be with. Not fated by the distant stars, but by the strands in your double helix. Marrs’ novel is a page turner. Flip flopping from character to character, it spreads across various experiences with the hypothetical DNA matching. It’s powerful, a perfect combination of guilt, greed and speculation.

Mandy, a woman desperate for love. She receives an email from her match only to learn that he is dead. Or, more so that his ac Turns out Richard’s story is full of various twists and turns. He was a play boy, a free spirt. One that would never want to be tied down. This probably came stems from the fact that he was stolen, kidnapped as a child, tied to a crazy family that he was never meant to be a part of.

Christopher, the psychopath and serial killer that finds himself paired with his ultimate challenge. A beautiful police officer by the name of Amy.

Then theres Jade. The intentional mismatch. The woman that was tricked into believing her match was on his death bed, when infact his match was thriving and standing within reach.

Nick. The straight man, in the throws of a romantic relationship with his soon to be wife Sally, only to find out that he is matched with a man. Alex.

And then theres the show stopper. The queen be. Ellie. The creator of MatchDNA. This intelligent woman is fouled into thinking she has found the one. Only to learn that she fell linlove with a con artist. A man capable of hacking into her billion dollar business. Tim, or should I say Matthew, sucks her in just to bring the truth of her business’ origins to light.

This novel is well written, and if you haven’t guessed, a recommended read.