Something from a Fairytale.


When the sun mets the horizon in Barcelona, it’s as if the sky sets fire.
Pinks, yellows and oranges that I have seen no place else.

This is my third time here, and I can tell you with complete honesty.
This is my favorite place in the world (And I’ve been quite a few places).

The first time I stepped foot into La Boqueria Market, three years ago, I knew it was a place I would come back to again and again. The sky was a brilliant blue when we walked in, the smell of citrus and sweet mangos flooding my nostrils.
To this day, I can remember the buzz that glazed over the shops. It was late in the day, people were bustling up and down the isles, getting their fresh food for dinner. Men and women yelled phrases like, “peix frescandbatut de mango”. While small children pulled at the parents coat sleeves hoping for a piece of candy, or better yet, gelato.

It’s the first time I saw one of these sunsets. We walked out of the market, mango in hand, to a beautiful scene spilling in between two buildings. The light was rich in colors that resembled my mango and a bunch of strawberries.

And now, as I stand here three years later. The sky has replicated that same image. The same gold and ruby sky. It’s as if someone pulled it straight from a fairytale.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. A sunset made you feel this way?
But it’s not just the sunset. It’s also the culture; the heart beat you hear down every street and every ally.
In this Catalan City, life is nothing but a gift.

And when you hear me say, “It’s like no other,” I mean it.
Catalonia has its own language, own customs, own culture.
Where some parts of Spain are a little rough around the edges, Barcelona is smooth, clean, and classy. You won’t find anyone running from the bulls here.

But you will find shocking combinations. One-second you’re staring at a beautiful arc in a well groomed park; the next you realize you’re standing right next to a palm tree and are five steps from the beach.

The thing about Barcelona. A lot of it is art.
In almost every corner of the city, you will find, the Spanish Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí’s work.

The other thing about Barcelona, their sangria is to die for.
Fresh fruit, the perfect amount of white or red grapes. It’s as if they follow a strict regimen to recreate this delicious beverage each time.

And the last thing.
And one would say, the most important thing.

Barcelona is magic. No, I’m not referring to the fountain you can find on Plaça de Carles Buïgas. Or even the sunset. I mean, it is truly magic.

This city brings something to life in you that you never knew existed.
The love that breathes through the air, the heart beat down every street, the smell that lingers from the ocean. It’s as if the city itself is pulling you into its arms with every step you take. And with that embrace, it scoops up your worries, you’re disbelief. Replacing it with hope and curiosity.

It is a place where you will always be accepted.
It is a place where you can find yourself.
It is a place where you can discover things you never knew.
It is a place, where you can fall in love with you.

My heart will always sit in the walls of this city, and I will always come back to visit it.

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