Print Dreams are No Longer Pipe Dreams

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

So your books out there in the world! You’re a published author! Whoa!

You can find your book on the internet, for sale! It’s what you’ve always wanted, right?

Oh it’s not? You kind of liked the idea of having a printed version as well?

I get it! I feel the same way! Theres nothing like holding an actual real book! Smelling it’s pages, writing in the margins, using an actual highlighter to highlight quotes that made you feel a certain way. 

But it’s expensive, isn’t it? That’s what I was always told. That’s why you got yourself an agent, a book deal. Because they covered the costs. They put your book into print. But times have changed, darling! Theres a way you can see that book bound and on your coffee table!

It’s called Print-on-Demand!

As the name suggests, they print your book on-demand when it’s purchased. It’s completely different from the traditional method, where they printed your book in large quantities to reduce the cost per book, pushing them out to bookstores and libraries.

As a self-publishing author with less resources, the last thing you want is to spend a fortune just to have the books sit, unsold in your garage or spare room! Printing them on demand is the solution to this problem. You don’t pay upfront to print them, but rather give the printer a cut when it’s printed!

So how do you get your book in print?

You use that PDF version we discussed a few emails back and take it over to a POD service, like CreateSpace and IngramSpark. They will provide you with the tools necessary to get your printed book out into the world at a relatively low cost per copy. Somewhere between $3-$5 per book, depending on how long your manuscript is.

If your aim is to reach the largest possible audience, your best bet is to use both services! If you end up preferring one over the other, that choice can be made when the time comes. But by the end of it, you’re dream will be a reality. Your book will be in print! What a glorious feeling!

Oh, and last thing for today. As I mentioned yesterday, the IBSN. 

It is a necessity in the print world, so if you haven’t gotten one, go do it! 

There you have it — all of your hats wrapped up in a pretty bow. You have a book, it’s out there for the world to see, and hopefully purchase. Theres only one real task left, marketing! So I’ll see you tomorrow for the next lesson, and please, don’t forget your blazer!