I’m Writing a Book!

For those that know me, this isn’t really a shock, but for those that don’t!
Ah! I know! Crazy right?!

I’ve been wanting to put something together for some time, but the idea of a novel was always so daunting. So! I decided to write a dozen short stories, featuring five characters. They live on the same story line, but each piece containing a beginning and an end. Easier for me, more interesting for my readers!

And with that, here’s an excerpt from the second story:

It’s like I’m picked up and rung out like a rag. Like a giant lifted me up by my feet and threw me back to the earth.

I hear the panic in her scream, feel the grass prickling my neck, the warmth streaming from my head. But as quickly as she was there, the quicker she was gone. The shuffle of her feet along the pavement, the door slamming, her tires squealing as she accelerated in another direction.

Maybe she doesn’t have a phone. Maybe she is going to get help.

I try to lift my head to see which way she’s gone, but it is like trying to lift a sandbag with just my neck. Impossible.

I try my arms next, but nothing seems to work as they should. Even my voice barely breaks through the barrier. This is it, I think. A deserted road, in the middle of no where, alone. I’m going to die. 

My phone buzzes, and the sob that had subsided in my throat comes out as a laugh. I can’t even reach into my pocket. As my phone continues to buzz, over and over again. I can feel the blood seeping out of my skull.

I watched on the news the other day, a man fell off his motorcycle into a gully, and died. They found his body three months later when a coyote dragged up his femur.